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VIP Car Wash Pass Program

Download Our VIP Pass Brochure!

Download Our Unlimited VIP Pass Brochure!

VIP Passes

Fast Lane Auto Wash now offers VIP PASS, a new and innovative prepaid pass that affixes to your windshield. Members simply pull up to the car wash and their VIP PASS automatically registers a wash. No need to even roll down the window!

How VIP Pass Works

  1. Choose your package.
  2. Fill out and submit form in our brochure.
  3. We will install a small RFID tag on your car.*
  4. Pull up to our car wash. Upgrade your wash if you wish.
  5. When the light turns green, enter Fast Lane Auto Wash.
  6. We charge your credit card each month for the amount of the package you have chosen.

* Tags are installed at 7604 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, PA, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00.
For other tag installation options, call 717.545.9607 x216 or email

Choose Your Package

Ultra Wash Package............................$24.99/mo.

Includes: Undercarriage, Tire and Rim Cleaner, Soft Touch or Touchless Wash, Wheel Scrubs (if Soft Touch), Triple Foam, Premium Clear Coat, Spot Free Rinse, Air Dryer.

Express Wash Package/ No Dry…......$19.99/mo.**

Includes: Presoak (if Touchless), Soft Touch or Touchless Wash, Rinse, Spot Free Rinse, No Dryer.
** Upgrade to Ultra Wash Package anytime you wish.


Terms and Conditions

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